Quilting, kittens, and corn!

Happy Halloween!

Where did October disappear to?

This month I managed to start and finish a super fun and easy quilt! Harvest this years pop corn patch, and play with kittens!

I was so impressed with the colours of pop corn we grew this year! There was red corn, yellow corn, black, blue, and pink corn! And my favorite was the one I refer to as denim coloured! So pretty.

As for the kittens, they were abandoned at the farm so I decided to look after them until they seemed sufficient in eating and drinking on their own. Then they could go back and be barn cats! That did not take as long as I thought. After 4 days they were eating and drinking wonderfully, and managing to jump out of their box within seconds. So now they are living in the safety of a stall in the barn and not making a mess of my house! But they sure were cute!

And as for the quilt, I’m thinking if I get a few more accomplished at the rate I’m going I may get a few Christmas presents made! But according to my husband I still seem to be starting quilts faster then finishing them. Oh well, they will all get done at some point.



Latest project

The last few weeks have been kept busy with the job of sewing vests for a friends wedding. Now that that big job is done and the beautiful wedding has come and gone, I can’t help myself from starting a new quilt.

I’ve  seen this pattern done numerous times and have always enjoyed looking at it. So here is a sneak peek of the quilt I’m working on…img_4145 for this quilt I’m using 8″ squares. I don’t know how large I’m going to make it just yet, but it probably won’t be small.


better image


I forgot to get an image of this lovely quilt when it was completely finished. As I was rushing to get it done in time for my cousin’s wedding. But, this image does show a bit of the quilting that went into this quilt. I had fun coming up with a bunch of different free motion designs. I did’t think that using a pantograph on this one was really going to do it justice.

Anyways, I enjoy this one so much Im entering it in a contest that you can see here. amyscreativeside.com



This year has been amazing for the fruit on the trees! I couldn’t let stuff go to waste, and this spring my husband and I purchased an old apple press. With the press we managed to make over 80 liters of apple juice and 40 liters of pear juice this summer! To ensure the juice had no pulp residue, I sewed a muslin sack which fit over a large tub to strain the juice!

I canned all the apple juice as we were pressing it, and the pear juice I decided to attempt cider making! (I think I chose the wrong summer to make hard cider as I cannot sample it 😑) hopefully enough gets saved for me to try after baby is born.

According to my husband the cider is delishous, I let 5 gallons of pear juice ferment in a carboy for about 3 weeks. I sprinkled champaign yeast on the juice and added 0.5 kg of brown sugar.

At time of bottling I added 200g of dextrose (mixed with 1 cup water) to reactivate the yeast in the bottles so the drink with be sparkling (I hope).

Below are an assortment of images from the process! Hope you enjoy!imageimageimageimageimageimage

Cheers 🙂

Wedding season 2016

This year has been a big year for weddings amongst my circle of friends and family. With myself, 2 of my cousins, and 2 of my friends getting married!

With the last of the weddings coming up in October! I have offered to help, and have been assigned the job of sewing the vests for the men (groom, grooms men, ring bearer, etc.) as well as, altering some flower girl dresses!

imageimageThis is the dress before and after! Adding ruffles of lace, and tool, really gives a cute country look that I’m sure will make the little girls adorable walking down the isle infront of the bride!

Hope I get everything finished on time!!


Seeing arrows…


I’m loving this quilt so much I have to give everybody an update!

With my long arm machine I’m in the process of free motion quilting. I haven’t done a lot of free motion, as it is so easy to just pick out a pattern and let the machine go, but for this quilt I just couldn’t do that. I needed to do something to go with the directions of the arrows, and as I see the pattern coming together on the front and especially the back I’m just loving the look the stitching is giving to this quilt!



What to call this pattern?


This quilt is so much fun! I was going to make this one a ‘small’ quilt, but I’m starting to think I don’t know the meaning of small. After making the first 4 big blocks I figured out what I was doing and now this quilt is turning into a double bed size quilt. But I really like the effect of the arrows. I was thinking of calling this one Life’s directions. What do you think?