Last 6 months…

Where to begin?

Our our daughter is growing way faster then I’m ready for!

we managed to get through the annual quilt guild show (I had 4 of my quilts in the show), Halloween (I carved a pumpkin), thanksgiving, birthdays, and Christmas! Over Christmas we survived a lovely ice storm and I was the only one in my house to get sick with every nasty bug that was going through town over the holidays. I did manage to finish one quilt over the fall and I have a second one on my quilting machine right now (the new one is based off of a pattern called Hattie’s dream).

my husband and I also broke the news over the holidays that we are expecting another child this year!

And we managed to do a bit of traveling in 2018, touring the provinces of BC, Quebec, New Brunswick, PEI, and Nova Scotia (including Cape Bretton)!

Now that we are back home it looks like my garden is calling me!





Canadian plowing championship

IMG_5358Here is the 2017 Canadian plowing champion! Yes, that’s right my husband won in his category of reversible plowing! And that means he has the opportunity to compete in the worlds next year! Germany here we come 🙂

I managed to finish the latest quilt in time for the northcott fabric contest. But I’m sad to say I did not make top 13.

But I also managed to complete the giant dahlia quilt! And I think it turned out great, if I do say so myself!

I entered it into the chilliwack fair and came home with a 3rd place ribbon for it!

For my dad’s 60th birthday, we cooked a pig and had a wonderful backyard party! Over 75 people attended and the potluck food was delicious!

in the month and a half since I last made a post, Jane has changed so much! She can now wave, has 2 front teeth, can move herself around a room, can clap her hands, and boss mom around 😉 she also knows a bunch of words like sit and stand! It’s so wonderful watching her grow!

Jane was amazing traveling to Ontario for the plowing match!


Canada 150th

Happy birthday Canada 🇨🇦!

Time for the second quilt contest… this one has a deadline of September 1. I guess I should get it finished.

I still have the giant dahlia quilt on my quilting machine and need to get it finished first, so the pressure is really on.

And baby is teething, poor girl.

Maybe great grandad can put a smile on her face?!

and will I also manage to get the house painted? Hopefully


Deadline achieved!

This year is Canada’s 150th birthday! And because of that there and a few quilt contests to enter!

I have stayed up a few nights to comeplete the quilt below for northcott’s quilts of valor quilt contest! With a deadline of June 1 I think I have managed to get this finished just in time! The next contest deadline is September… so I better get to work on that quilt!

Meanwhile, baby keeps getting bigger! Over 20 lbs now! And the garden is growing, and the sun has finally started to shine!

I also attempted to sell popcorn! It went well! And supported a local elementary school!

cheers for now


4+ months

My baby is getting big! Almost 17lbs at 4 months! And it is getting more difficult to get things accomplished with her taking up all of my attention. But I’m slowly trying to get the giant dahlia quilt finished!

In the mean time I’ve also started 8 trays of plants in my greenhouse! And have been helping a friend with her horses! Baby loves that!

As well I’m getting ready to sell some popcorn at a local craft fair!

So needless to say I’m keeping busy! It makes life go fast.



How time flys

This winter has been quite the winter, with snow on the ground for 3 solid months, freezing rain and a baby! Nothing has slowed down. And I’m still trying to work on quilts! I’ve started hand sewing a hexagon quilt, I’m giving myself a 3 year time limit to complete it! And I’ve managed to get the giant dahlia attached to its background colour! It now needs a boarder then a back! Hopefully I can get that finished before summer arrives.

With all this happening I’ve still managed to sneak away for a short island holiday with my baby and cousin from Germany!



Baby, Christmas, and a new year started!

Where did the time go? The last post I made I was overdue, waiting for my baby to decide to be born, now she is 6 weeks plus 1 day old!

I think we have managed to inform all our friends and family (hope I haven’t missed anybody) that we had a baby girl! And she is growing fast!

With her arriving in December, I can’t say I remember too much of Christmas. It was a fun, crazy time with family dropping in for a visit on a daily basis wanting to see our little girl!

January has become much easier, having established a little more normalcy in our day to day life!

With baby in my arms sewing has taken a bit of a backstage, but I have not given up! Sitting on the couch gives great opportunity for a bit of had sewing! So I’m delving into the world of hexagons! I will take pictures soon!

Cheers for now!

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