Baby, Christmas, and a new year started!

Where did the time go? The last post I made I was overdue, waiting for my baby to decide to be born, now she is 6 weeks plus 1 day old!

I think we have managed to inform all our friends and family (hope I haven’t missed anybody) that we had a baby girl! And she is growing fast!

With her arriving in December, I can’t say I remember too much of Christmas. It was a fun, crazy time with family dropping in for a visit on a daily basis wanting to see our little girl!

January has become much easier, having established a little more normalcy in our day to day life!

With baby in my arms sewing has taken a bit of a backstage, but I have not given up! Sitting on the couch gives great opportunity for a bit of had sewing! So I’m delving into the world of hexagons! I will take pictures soon!

Cheers for now!

  • img_4388img_4417img_4450img_4375

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