Quilting, kittens, and corn!

Happy Halloween!

Where did October disappear to?

This month I managed to start and finish a super fun and easy quilt! Harvest this years pop corn patch, and play with kittens!

I was so impressed with the colours of pop corn we grew this year! There was red corn, yellow corn, black, blue, and pink corn! And my favorite was the one I refer to as denim coloured! So pretty.

As for the kittens, they were abandoned at the farm so I decided to look after them until they seemed sufficient in eating and drinking on their own. Then they could go back and be barn cats! That did not take as long as I thought. After 4 days they were eating and drinking wonderfully, and managing to jump out of their box within seconds. So now they are living in the safety of a stall in the barn and not making a mess of my house! But they sure were cute!

And as for the quilt, I’m thinking if I get a few more accomplished at the rate I’m going I may get a few Christmas presents made! But according to my husband I still seem to be starting quilts faster then finishing them. Oh well, they will all get done at some point.




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