This year has been amazing for the fruit on the trees! I couldn’t let stuff go to waste, and this spring my husband and I purchased an old apple press. With the press we managed to make over 80 liters of apple juice and 40 liters of pear juice this summer! To ensure the juice had no pulp residue, I sewed a muslin sack which fit over a large tub to strain the juice!

I canned all the apple juice as we were pressing it, and the pear juice I decided to attempt cider making! (I think I chose the wrong summer to make hard cider as I cannot sample it 😑) hopefully enough gets saved for me to try after baby is born.

According to my husband the cider is delishous, I let 5 gallons of pear juice ferment in a carboy for about 3 weeks. I sprinkled champaign yeast on the juice and added 0.5 kg of brown sugar.

At time of bottling I added 200g of dextrose (mixed with 1 cup water) to reactivate the yeast in the bottles so the drink with be sparkling (I hope).

Below are an assortment of images from the process! Hope you enjoy!imageimageimageimageimageimage

Cheers 🙂


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