Spring has sprung!

I think it’s time for an update… I feel bad for not posting a lot lately but I have a reason (maybe not a good one but it is a reason), and that would be cause I’ve been wanting to sleep every spare moment I have. Ok, not the best reason, but there is a reason for that reason! Word has already gotten out with our family and friends so I guess it’s no secret anymore that I will be having a baby in December!

That being said lots has happened around here that I’ve been meaning to post! Like cherry harvest time again! The harvest isn’t as spectacular as last years, but, as far as I can calculate we (including many friends and family) have managed to pick roughly 40 gallons of cherries so far off our 2 lovely trees! And this year we not only have the wonderful telehandler to use to get up to the cherries, but we also have another lift to use for the summer that is making cherry picking life much easier!

Along with all the cherries we have also had a great crop of strawberries this year!

I never did update on how our popcorn finally turned out last year. So in a word I would have to describe it as amazing!

We had so much fun going to parties and putting cobs in the microwave to pop, nobody would believe us that is was popcorn and that it would actually pop! And it did! So we are growing twice as much this year!!

And we have heifers back in our field! These ones are already very friendly. They are going to get too spoiled. 😉

Along with all the things we are doing that is the same from last year, we had to add a new thing! So this year we have chicken! 50 of them! And they are growing up fast!

With all that going on I’ve still managed a little time for quilting as you can see in one of the pictures below the arrow design that I’m working on!

Hope all is well in everybody else’s world!

Enjoy the pictures!


The pictures below are in a random order. imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage


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