We got our wedding pictures!!!! And didn’t they turn out wonderful!!!





The way we planned our day, was to have pictures before the ceremony, so we had the family over to our house, got the old tractors out of the barn and got some great shots!

While we were taking picture we wanted some not so serious pictures too, so we got these!!!


The rest of the day disappeared fast… but lots of fun was had! Starting off with the ceremony, where I stopped the wedding to propose to my husband as we got married on Sadie Hawkins day (Feb 29)! and he had never proposed to me…


The quilt turned out amazing as a background!

and for dinner we had a delicious pig roast! That we cooked ourselves.


To determine the order for tables to get their food we had table members join in in a burlap sack race! and everybody seemed to enjoy that! Especially the kids!


We had an amazing wedding cake made by a good friend of ours, and homemade wedding favours, that consisted of various flavours of jelly, apple pie filling, popcorn, and walnuts!

As well as mason jar mugs, that everybody was to use throughout the night then take home!


And I managed to get a lovely picture of my grandmother and myself in front of the beautifully made twisted bargello quilt that my grandmother started in 2008 and I quilted and bound for her!

That quilt made a beautiful backdrop for our head table as you can see in the pic above!


Since the wedding I’ve been working on another of my grandmothers quilts!


It was a little less finished when I got it, as you can see in the picture. But Im almost finished now, just have to hand sew the last side of binding!

And thats not the only thing I’ve kept myself busy with since the wedding, As we cooked 3 pigs we had a lot of lard, that seemed like a waste to just through in the garbage. So I’ve attempted soap making with the help of my aunt!!!

So far Im very happy with what we made! but its not ready to use yet… has to cure for almost a month.

Well Thats all I have for now.


P.s. the garden is growing again! there’s already kale, swiss chard, parsley, and chives to eat!!! Its amazing 🙂


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