Quilting BIG time!!

So big exciting news, I’m getting married!!! in less then 3 months…

being a winter wedding I have been working on figuring out what to have for a background to our ceremony! And also being a quilter I have decided to make it a quilt! Figuring out what colours to make it and what pattern to choose has been the hardest part. So here are 3 quilts I’ve started (and one quilted table runner, I’ll explain in a minute)

I really enjoy the pattern of the green and yellow (John Deere) blanket! And it’s really fast and easy to make! But as much as I like the jd colours (and it fits the farmer thing) I don’t think those are going to be part of our wedding colours.

I think I’m liking the blue and brown types of colours!

Ok so as busy as I am, a friend called and said she was going to make a table runner! I couldn’t say no to helping her, and in 6 hrs. we made the lovely festive table runner that was about a foot wide and 8 feet long!

My friend wanted a random pattern of squares, it was quite fun to watch her randomly (not random at all) place the squares. I messed them up for her and gave her a truly random runner! 🙂


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