Summer time fun in the sun!

Okay, I haven’t been posting as much as I hoped to do, here is a brief recap as to what’s been happening!

My bf and I got away for a 10 day ‘holiday’ (as in holiday I mean I relaxed and my bf competed in the Canadian plowing match). It was a great holiday I got to tour around Wolfe island which is located in the St.Laurence river between Kingston Ont. and Cape Vincent, NY USA. The dirt was a challenge to plow according to the plow men and women, and my bf managed second position at the end of the week.

As interesting as the plowing was, I managed to read 3 books, tour the island as well as visite some quilt shops in Kingston. I’ve been debating to attempt making a Row by Row Experience quilt. So I picked up the free patterns but haven’t found time to get any sewing done and we are getting closer to fall.

After the plowing match was over we spent a few days with my brother in Chicago! Where I captured this pic of a beautiful monarch butterfly!


Upon our return home I had agreed to dog sit a friends Great Danes! 2 of them, for ten days. I also agreed to allow 2 German people (friends of cousins in Germany) to stay at our house. (Hope my bf still likes me) needless to say it’s been a bit chaotic. And to top it off I started a new job!

So that said in my spare time I’ve attempted to be a bit of a tour guide and so far managed to see:

Stergion at the inch creek fish hatchery! (Pic below)


Ride around in a corn harvester! That was a zoo, 2 harvesters going full speed, three trucks and two tractors with buggies hauling the corn back to the bunker. It was hard to get a pic to show what was happening so sorry for the blurry pic below but everything was a blur at the pace that the machines were going.


And we visited the chilliwack corn maze! Where we got lost a few times and played some of the games they had there! It was fun.


Other attractions we’ve seen;

Hell’s gate, Harrison hot springs, Othello tunnels, bridal vail falls, UBC pacific dairy research, and the Westminster Abby in mission.

Hope everbody has enjoyed their summer as much as I have!



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