Corn! Almost ready to pop!


At 10 ft tall, I think we have the tallest corn growing in our area, in this summer of drought. image

The 3 varieties are all different heights with the strawberry corn at about 5ft (which is the height we thought all the corn would be), in the middle we have the tallest of the corn varieties, the red husked spectrum mix! Growing at over 10 ft tall some of the cobs are sitting at over 8 ft in the air! We did not expect this corn to get this tall so we are loving it!! And the third variety is about 9 ft tall and it is the hybrid popcorn.


From what we can tell at this point it looks as though we will get 2 cobs off of each stock of corn.

Our concern at this point is if we get heavy rain and strong wind all the plants will blow over. So we are crossing our fingers that that doesn’t happen!



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