Life with a dairy farmer.


Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day on the south west coast of BC where I live! And in my life that only means one thing, more work to do.

My boyfriend is a dairy farmer, and I work part time on another dairy farm. My part time schedule gives me a fare bit of freedom to do what I like, or so I like to think…

And my bf get to be at the farm working every morning by 6 am, and I’m lucky to see him done work by 7pm especially when the weather is nice.

Being the amazing girlfriend that I am, I mowed the 1/4 acre of lawn planted tomatoes in the garden, supplied my bf with homemade pizza, quiche, and Cesar salad.

I also managed to go for a run (6km); note I am not a runner… I attempt running but it does not come naturally. Eating comes naturally and I can’t stand that my bf is skinnier then me, so running it is.

Well with that I’m going to attempt to put pictures with my posts; I live without a tv or computer at the moment so all this is done on my phone, hope this works!



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